Wait, maintaining your heater in July? Why do furnaces need summer maintenance? While this seems counterintuitive, it’s something you may want to consider. Even though your heating and cooling system has two separate functions, they do not operate independently, meaning maintaining your furnace can help improve your cooling. Plus, tuning up your heating system ahead of time ensures that it’s in good working condition for when you need it the most! Even though it doesn’t feel like it now, the summer heat won’t last forever, and you’ll be thankful that your furnace works properly. Today we’ll go over how maintaining your heater during the summer can benefit you.


What Are the Summer Benefits?

Keeping your unit in top shape is critical to how it performs throughout the year. The better it’s maintained, the most efficient it will work. Plus, a maintenance check at any time of the year is better than never doing a maintenance check at all! 


If you have a heat pump, your heating and cooling system is the same piece of equipment! During the summer, your heat pump reverses its process to cool the air instead of warm it. So, when you service your heat pump, you’re improving both your heating and cooling system at the same time. 


There’s Increased Availability

When servicing your heater in the summer, you’ll find it’s easier to get parts and service. If you wait till winter (like most people), you may have to wait to schedule your appointment or find that parts are back-ordered. If you discover that your heater needs some repairs or a full replacement, you’ll have plenty of time to get everything sorted out. When this happens in the winter, you’ll be rushing the process as you try to stay warm. 


How Did It Handle Last Winter’s Demands?

Once the summer hits, it’s easy to forget that you had your heater running for the majority of the winter. Your system was working hard to warm your home, and you may want to check how well it handled the heating demand. For example, a piece might have worn out towards the end of the season, or there was some undetected problem that could compound in the future. If you noticed that it was making strange noises or its efficiency decreased over the winter, this is an indicator that you may need to have some parts replaced or repaired. 


Prepare for Weather Changes

When preparing your heater for the winter (or A/C for the summer), it’s best to tune it up a couple of months in advance. This way, you’ll be able to get everything in working order before it’s time for your system to start fighting off the extreme temperatures. When your system has been unused for half a year, then suddenly needs to be working full force, it may struggle a bit. Staying ahead of the season will ensure your system works efficiently in all weather conditions!


Give Atlas HVAC a Call!

Now that you know that furnaces do need summer maintenance, we hope you schedule your appointment soon! As we briefly mentioned, this strategy can also work in winter with your A/C unit. Staying one step ahead will keep everything working efficiently and help you avoid a dreaded emergency repair. If you’re looking for exceptional comfort in San Diego, Atlas HVAC has you covered! Whether your HVAC system needs maintenance or replacement, our knowledgeable team is here to help. Feel free to contact us over the phone at (877) 452-8527 or message us through our website by clicking here