Now that the San Diego summer is in full force, it’s time to start thinking about maintaining your heating and cooling unit to keep it in top shape! Your system will likely be working overtime during the next couple of months, and you don’t want to go into winter with a worn-out unit. Our 5 seasonal HVAC tips will keep your system running efficiently and your home at a comfortable temperature. We’ll help you prepare your system for the coming months and changing temperatures once we start entering winter.


Tip #1: Change the Air Filters

One of the easiest ways to keep your system running smoothly is to remember to change the air filter every couple of months. The filter collects dust, allergens, and other airborne contaminants that can circulate in your home. If you have pets, we recommend swapping out your air filter every 30-60 days.


Tip #2: Get Your Ducts Cleaned

During the spring, it’s a great idea to have your ducts professionally cleaned. Dust, allergens, and mold can accumulate over the winter, which you’ll want to clear out before turning on your A/C. This cleaning doesn’t need to happen every year, but we recommend getting them cleaned every 5-7 years. If there are any allergy sufferers in the home, they will greatly thank you!


Tip #3: Schedule Routine Maintenance

We recommend getting an HVAC technician to come out and service your unit at least twice a year. The ideal times to do this are once in the spring and once in the fall. Routine maintenance will make sure your systems are ready for the changing seasons and energy usage. Additionally, we’ll identify any potential problems early and help extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling unit. A small problem that goes unnoticed in the summer could result in your heat going out in the middle of winter! This would be less than ideal, and we’ll help prevent this problem from happening!


Tip #4: Clean the Unit’s Exterior

Fall is a great time to clean up the outside of your HVAC unit, removing and debris or leave that built up over time. You want to make sure there’s a clearance of at least two feet around the system, allowing it to cool without unnecessary stress. If you have previous experience with HVAC, you can turn off the power and clean the fins and condenser coil. If not, your technician will take care of the inside of the unit. Keeping it free of debris will help the system work better and will increase its longevity. 


Tip #5: Do a Test Run Before Winter

It’s a good idea to turn on and test out your heater before winter approaches. This way, you’ll be able to determine if there are any problems or irregularities that come up. We recommend doing this at least 2-3 times to make sure that it works consistently. Keep in mind that when you first turn it on, you may notice a slightly burnt smell as the system burns off some of the dust that has built up since last winter. When doing your test run, you want to check for any cold spots in your house that your heater doesn’t seem to be able to reach.  


Atlas HVAC, Inc.

We hope our 5 seasonal HVAC tips will help you keep your system running at its best over the next couple of months. If you do a couple of test runs in the fall and notice any issues, call us at your earliest convenience! You don’t want to put off fixing it until you wake up on a freezing morning with no way to warm your home. Whether your system needs a checkup, preventative maintenance, or to be replaced entirely, we can help. You can reach us over the phone at (877) 452-8527 or message us through our website by clicking here