If you want to stay cool this summer, it’s crucial to maintain your HVAC system properly. In this blog, we’ll be debunking common HVAC myths to help keep your system running as efficiently as possible! Regular care and maintenance will help prolong the life of your unit and keep it working at peak efficiency. If you’d like to learn about how your system work and how to avoid common mistakes, read on!


Myth #1: Closing Vents Will Help Reduce Energy Bills

Many people close off vents in unoccupied rooms to reduce their energy costs, but this may be a bad idea. Your system is designed for your home and balances the pressure load through the entire house. When you block some of the vents, it affects the way your system distributes air throughout the home. When the system is out of balance is can develop pressure and airflow problems and can also lead to duct leaks. No matter how many vents are closed, the system will put out the same amount of air but will now have to work harder to heat or cool your home. We recommend keeping your vents open and going around your home to make sure no curtains or furniture are blocking them. 


Myth #2: You Only Need To Replace Your Filter Once per Year

While it’s better to replace your filter once per year rather than not at all, it’s still something you want to be doing more regularly. It’s an easy way to extend your air conditioner’s lifespan. Depending on the condition of your HVAC system and whether or not you have pets in your home, we recommend replacing the air filter every 1-3 months. Dirty filters are important to swap out because they can put a strain on your equipment and restrict airflow, which affects its performance. 


Myth #3: You Should Use Your System Until It Stops Working

Another myth we hear is that you should continue to use your heating and cooling system, even if it’s outdated. While it’s common for people to “run it into the ground,” this may be causing you to spend more money than necessary. Your monthly energy bills may be higher than usual, and you may constantly be spending money getting things fixed. These costs can add up over time, and it’s likely much more cost-effective to buy a new energy-efficient HVAC unit.


Myth #4: Bigger HVAC Units Will Be Better For My Home

Going with the biggest HVAC unit you can find may actually be worse for your home! Your heating and cooling unit is carefully designed and measured for your home. If the system is designed for a space much larger than yours, it can result in your system short-cycling, which can cause long-term damage to the system. In addition to this, your system will be using a lot more power, making your energy bills higher than necessary.  


Myth #5: The Square Footage of a Home Is the Only Thing That Matters 

When sizing your HVAC system for your home, the square footage is important, but it’s not the only factor we need to consider. Some other elements we look at are how many windows your home has, what direction they face, insulation, ceiling height, and so on. Many different pieces go into your home’s heating and cooling needs.


Myth #6: You Only Need To Call the HVAC Technician When Something Goes Wrong

While it’s common not to call a maintenance person until something breaks for many home appliances, we don’t recommend this for your HVAC system. Scheduling regular maintenance will help improve your home’s comfort, increase efficiency, and help safeguard against damage. Your technician will be able to stay ahead of potential problems and make sure nothing breaks down in the future. Remember, just because it’s running now doesn’t mean it will stay like that forever. Our technicians will ensure that your system works at peak efficiency for as long as possible!


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