Installing air conditioning units

Is one of the most common requests we receive at Atlas HVAC San Diego INC. Keeping your family cool and comfortable in the summertime will keep your household happy, especially if you live in the eastern part of San Diego County, where the weather is less moderate than on the  west coast.

Bryant is one of the most popular air conditioning brands which we install because they have cost-effective systems with high output, but low energy consumption. It is very common for us to install a new air conditioning unit in a home, saving that homeowner thousands of dollars on their energy bill each year.

When it comes to heating and air conditioning San Diego homes, Atlac HVAC offers  one of the beat prices on the market  so you could afford everything you might need  without breaking the bank. So, whether you find yourself with an inoperable unit that needs a replacement or you just looking for an annual check-up, Atlas HVAC San Diego is here for youк convenience.  We have specialized in  air conditioning installation & repair  San Diego for quite some time, and no problem is too big or small for us. We can deal with ANY problem You can get and even if some other Companies gave Up on You – here We are to help!

Additionally, we guarantee both our work and our  product  quality. So, if for any reason you may be  with our service, tell us about it immediately and we will fix it right away. Our customer satisfaction comes first and we would love to show you the Atlas HVAC San Diego difference.

Bryant Products are build to run reliably and efficiently. Regular services help to keep you systems operating at optimal performance. As things start to cool down outside be sure to call us at ATLAS HVAC  Inc. for a complete system check up. We are ready to do what ever it takes to keep your system running reliably and keep your family comfortable season after season.



Kevin K.  Costa Mesa, CA

“My 28 years old HVAC system was broken and can’t be repaired. Vadim and Ray @Atlas HVAC San Diego did an excellent in replacing the whole HVAC system and helping me get through all the permits and post-inspections. The price is fair and quality is the best.”

Jess P. Huntington Beach, CA

“Our heater stopped working the day before Christmas. They were able to come out a few days later to diagnose the problem. It was the mother board. The because of the holiday the part wasn’t supposed to be here until after the new year. But they were able to find the part locally sooner than expected. Thank you guys for your time and service!!”

Temo C. San Diego, CA

“Atlas is a vendor used through my home warranty. The central air was not blowing air out of the vents. I attempted to troubleshoot myself but unable to resolve. Atlas service rep Vadim immediately diagnosed the problem, replaced the serviceable part within 20 minutes. Great service!”


We can find a plan that fits your budget. With flexible financing options, you can invest in your house or respond to an unexpected heating or cooling need without breaking your budget

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