An air conditioning tune-up is what responsible homeowners do to maintain their home’s HVAC system. It’s a thorough cleaning and testing of the air conditioning system, to ensure that it’ll work when you need it to work this summer. We operate with the understanding that a clean system will run longer than a dirty system. But what happens on an Altas HVAC Inc tune-up?

Not every HVAC company in San Diego performs air conditioning tune-ups, but we like to develop relationships with our customers by taking care of their AC system every year in the spring. If we can perform an AC tune-up every spring, for years and years, we know our customers will, at the very least, allow us to leave them a quote for a new system when that time comes someday. At the same time, our customers get to work with one of San Diego’s most reliable air conditioning companies.

Our Technicians

Our technicians will only bring up parts or repairs that will make your system return to factory standards, help it last longer, or make it safer for their families. What will happen? When we are on the way, our technician will call you and let you know they are on the way. We always try to park on the street in our wrapped vans with the Atlas HVAC, Inc. logo and contact information on it. After you open the door and allow us to come in, we usually start at the air filter and thermostat.

Ask Questions!

We ask if there are any areas of the house that need any attention. Do any rooms not get the right amount of air? Does it cool the house down to their satisfaction in the middle of summer? Questions like this can establish how you like your system to run, because not every homeowner is the same.

Once we know what’s going on in the homeowner’s mind, we will turn the AC system on, together, at the thermostat, listen for the air to come on, and walk outside to make sure everything out there is at least running. Now we all know the system was running when we got there!

Sit Back & Relax

From here, you’ll be able to sit back and do whatever you need to do while the tech goes out and runs through a list specifically designed for your type of air conditioning system. We usually start out at the air handler in the attic or closet.

The furnace gets physically cleaned during the furnace tune-up, not the AC tune-up, but there are some really important things to check here, such as temperature difference between the supply and return air ducts. If it’s not where it needs to be, we have a bunch of checks we can do to get it right.

A quick look at the evaporator coil can make a huge difference in the comfort of your home this summer. If it’s dirty or clogged it will make your system under perform. We also need to make sure your blower and the flywheel is clean and ready to run a lot this summer.

What else happens on an Atlas HVAC Inc tune-up? We are always pouring water down the drain lines to make sure the condensate drains properly. We always try to offer a condensate safety switch to protect your home from potential damage. The secondary drain pan under the evaporator coil in the attic is a potential source of problems too, so we make sure it’s ready for any emergencies.

We make sure the metering device for your refrigeration system is mounted properly. We look for any obvious refrigerant leaks in the copper tubing too. We also check for proper insulation levels up there, because it creates such a nice barrier between the hot air in the attic and the cool air you’re trying to keep in your house. It pays to have a thick layer of insulation up there!

Once we’re done in the attic, we’ll head to the outdoor unit. The majority of the AC tune-up is done here at the outdoor unit. Here we test the components inside the panel. We focus on things like your refrigerant levels to make sure your system isn’t running too long, unnecessarily. The high and low voltage electrical running the AC needs to maintain a certain sizing, workmanship and integrity to it.

All in all, it’s about 35 items on the outdoor unit and 20 items on the indoor unit we are checking. If you happen to have a packaged unit that sits on the side of the house or up on the rooftop even, we still check all 55 items.

After we check the entire AC system, if there are any parts that need to be changed out, we’ll let you know about them. Our trucks are stocked with almost every part you need for your AC to get back up and running properly today.

If the system is running well, we get right to work washing your AC. Many manufacturers of air conditioners are switching to materials like micro-channel which can’t be washed with soapy or chemical solutions. So, we pay attention to things like that. Also, if you have a dog that runs around in your back yard, we try not to use soapy solutions that drain into the area around the AC, so your best friend doesn’t get sick.

We are so thorough cleaning the AC, it’s not uncommon to see a tech vacuuming out your AC to get rid of the sticks and other debris that can be a nuisance to a healthy air conditioner. What’s the benefit? When the air conditioning tune-up is complete, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your system is in tip-top shape. Doing this every year will really pay off in the later years of your HVAC system life.

We hope explaining what happens on an Altas HVAC Inc tune-up helped!

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