Air heating was known already in the ancient time: internal locations heated the air heated by the sun which moved on special channels in the natural way. The system of air heating is a forced-air and exhaust forced cooling.

Unlike “normal” cooling which intensity of operation depends on amount of the polluted air who needs to be brought from location together with a chimney flow the system of air heating shall be designed so that the flow of affluent air delivered inside enough heat. In practice it means that amount of the forced air in system of air heating much more, than in ventilating system.


Heat source

In systems of air heating heat source most often is the furnace of air heating (forcing) with the built-in fan. It can use natural or liquid gas, and also solid fuel. It differs from water boilers only in the fact that instead of a heat-exchanging element like “combustion products – water” it is equipped with the heat exchanger like “combustion products – air”. Air heats up, streamlining the combustion chamber, and then and passing through tubes of a heat-exchanging element which outside heat up combustion products.

The electric heater, however this method very expensive in operation can also be heat source in systems of air heating and therefore it is seldom applied.

Channels for air transportation

In systems of air heating air moves in locations on ventilating channels. In the houses, expected one family, for the purpose of minimizing of the noise, caused by movement of a flow of air and audio delivery between locations, the canals built of special plates from fiberglass are applied. They easier tin channels, suppress noise, and constructions from them have big tightness. Such channels in systems of air heating don’t require the additional heat insulation protecting from losses of heat and condensation of water vapor from air.

After passing via the filter air heats up in a boiler and comes on channels to locations. On the principal channel, over the furnace, the humidifier is placed.

Affluent grids in locations

Ventilating affluent grates should be placed in places in which we want that it was especially warm, for example, near windows.

Grids often place in a floor under windows. Such decision is convenient from the point of view of comfort of temperature condition, but it is very bad from the point of view of hygiene. The flow of air kicks up dust and other garbage from a floor, sets them in motion so that they scatter on all location.


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