Whether you are looking for healthy, clean and refreshing air to breathe or if you simply cannot take the amount of pollutants and pollens in the air you are breathing – it may be time to look for a portable air purifier. In recent studies, it is becoming evident that the more people are exposed to what is actually in the air they are breathing, more and more air purifiers are purchased. It is hard to imagine the amount of particles that float around in the air because they are impossible to see, however in this article, they will all be uncovered.


Like ionic air purifiers and electric air cleaners, portable air purifiers filter out the negative ions in the air. Most standing air purifiers that are in homes today, however, are stationary. The advantage with this purifier is that you can easily move it from room to room. This can become increasingly efficient when you are trying to purify multiple rooms in your home without the purchasing of two purifiers. With all of the same benefits and features, portable air purifiers are a great substitution for your stationary air purifier.

Cleaning the air, by removing airborne pollutants from your home or office, portable air purifiers allow you to breathe in clean and crisp air. Here is a short list of what this device will clean in any area, any room:

  • Pollen and other forms of dust particles
  • Mold spores and other molds
  • Outgassing from carpets
  • Left over pet dander
  • Pollutants from tobacco (cigarette and cigar smoke)
  • Cooking and bathroom odors
  • Ozone and vehicle exhaust

As you can see, none of these different particles are visible to the human eyes, yet people are breathing these pollutants in on a daily basis. By sucking in air, quietly, the portable air purifier filters out these different types of particles by putting them through a filtration system – this is known as a process called electrostatic attraction and filtration. Once this process has been completed, the machine disperses charged ions into your home. You will feel a difference within twenty four hours of using a portable air purifier that they really do work and that the quality of the air you breathe really does feel cleaner. All mechanical air filters or air-cleaning devices, will allow you to feel this way.

A great filter used in many portable air purifiers is the HEPA air purifier. HEPA electronic filtration systems purify air at 99% efficiency – virtually destroying all in-duct dust and allergens to improve the quality of air you breathe. With these filtration systems, you will experience reduced health symptoms and other respiratory factors that may come from constantly breathing in un-clean air.

Hopefully, this information and these tips will give you a better understanding on how a portable air purifier works – and the benefit of utilizing one in your home. Because they do such a great job of eliminating pollen, dust and allergens, many people are experiencing lower sickness and allergy levels.