Replacing your air conditioner is inevitable; we all have to do it at some point. When do you know it’s the right time to replace your air conditioner?

Frequent Repairs

A good sign telling you to replace your air conditioner is when repairs on your air conditioner are becoming more and more frequent. We may be tempted to keep on calling the repair guys instead of buying a whole new system. The amount of money you pay seems a lot lower. However, those repair fees do add up. Think about the time spent waiting for the repair. Sometimes you have to take the day off to be home for the crew to do work in your air conditioner.

More than 10 Years Old?

Another sign that you need to replace your air conditioner is if the unit is more than ten years old. It is not a good idea to intend to repair an HVAC unit that is older than ten years old. A/C units are specifically designed to last about ten years. Getting a new system will save you on repairs and utility bills.

Atlas HVAC, INC specializes in safe air conditioner replacement, and we have the best products. The products we use are guaranteed to last and provide better air quality in your home. Our installers are highly trained and efficient. Your air conditioner will be ready to use immediately after installation.

When you make your decision to replace your air conditioner we recommend the Bryant® air conditioner. This conditioner beats the competition both in features and price. It is a top performance air conditioner, very reliable with a direct-drive blower that runs quietly while keeping your home fresh during the summer. The Bryant® air conditioner also has a lowpower operation control lowering utility costs.

Replacing your air conditioner is a good investment in the long run. You will be saving on constant repairs and utility costs. Having a new air conditioner also improves air condition in your home, making it a healthier air environment. Protect your family’s health and investments.

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