As the days begin to feel warmer, and knowing how hot it can get in San Diego, you’re most likely going to crank up the AC in your home throughout the summer. But have you felt like the air inside your home feels humid even when you have the AC turned on? If this has ever happened to you, you know that the AC is not working correctly. But why does this happen? Isn’t the AC supposed to cool your home instead of making you feel like you’re sitting inside a sauna?

Here are some reasons why your AC is producing stuffy air instead of comfortable, cool air throughout your home:

One of the main reasons that occur when your AC is pumping out humidity is that your AC unit is not properly sized for your home. An oversized AC system does a bad job of controlling both humidity and temperature. The system doesn’t get to run long enough to remove the humidity because they turn on and off frequently. And therefore, moist air will hold more heat.

If your AC was installed by a builder instead of a qualified HVAC company like Atlas HVAC, Inc. then there’s a definite chance that it was installed incorrectly. In order to have your AC system run correctly, it needs to be sized calculated carefully using a load calculation process. In this case, you might need to install a smaller capacity AC system to resolve the problem.

You could also run into problems when your AC system is dirty. When the amount of dirt, dust, and debris accumulate on sensitive components, your system will need to be professionally cleaned.

The best ways to have control over your HVAC humidity are to clean the coils regularly by qualified HVAC technicians. A preventative maintenance plan like a tune-up, cleaning of system components, and regular inspection will keep your AC system running efficiently and providing you with better humidity control.



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Written by: Sandra Ramirez