This summer, air conditioning does not have to be the most significant part of your electricity bill.
Beat over 90° weather with the following tips.

Smart Controls

Using smart thermostats, like the complete system control in one unit by Bryant®, can reduce cooling costs significantly. The best part is that you don’t even have to think about it. Having one of these evolutionary controls will simplify the comfort of your home by providing one-point access with automatic sensors. These controls are the essential tools for controlling any Bryant® Evolution products. The smart thermostat can detect if people are home or not and change room temperature as needed. You can have full control with your smartphone and manage the air conditioner before you arrive home. Your home will be cool and ready for you.

Replacing A/C System

Replacing your A/C system can be pretty cost effective. If your current A/C unit is over ten years old or is failing, it will cause multiple repair visits. Although in the moment it seems like a cheaper option, repairs can be the cause of significant electricity costs. Invest in a new A/C system like The Bryant® air conditioner. In the long run, you will have a better cooling system, healthier air condition, and lower utility costs.

System tune-ups

Tune-ups for existing A/C systems can increase efficiency by a lot. Have our professionals at Atlas HVAC, INC take a look at your A/C system before you turn it on. Make sure it is working at its full potential. Giving your air conditioner a tune-up will result in a fresher environment without using as much energy. Tune-ups for cars are great, now imagine one for your cooling system!

Light Bulbs

Changing light bulbs in your home can decrease heat and energy usage. Next time you are replacing a light bulb make sure to look for LED lights. LED lights tend to have longer life spans, and they generate less heat. Incandescent light bulbs create more heat and use more power. Regular bulbs tend to be as hot as 335° compared to LED bulbs that only reach 87°.

Our Favorite, Grilling

If you were looking for another excuse to enjoy the outdoors you are going to love this one. Using the outside grill to cook will save you energy and keep your home cooler. Using the stovetop or oven will quickly heat your home. Cooling your home after or during cooking, will take a lot more power. When you grill outside you will save a considerable amount of energy and your meals will be so much better. Bonne appetite!

Follow these helpful tips, and your summer will, for sure be cooler. To schedule a new HVAC installation or repair – give Atlas HVAC Inc. a call today at (877) 452-8527.