5 reasons that may cause you to replace your furnace

The furnace is a crucial component of your HVAC system. It heats your home by transferring warm air through your duct system. In the winter it could be considered a life saver. While it’s working, it is filtering the air in your home. Is it time to replace your furnace? Here are 5 reasons that may cause you to replace you furnace: –

Your furnace is too old

A furnace more than 15 years old is not as efficient as the new furnaces being manufactured today. A normal life expectancy of a furnace is

considered to be between 15-30 years old. You should monitor your furnaces performance annually. Cost of repairs, gas and electric charges etc. Expired warranties.

Your electric and gas bills are increasing

When furnaces age they start to lose their efficiency. This may cause the sudden rise of your gas and electric bill. Having your furnace maintained regularly by a trained HVAC technician/specialist like ATLAS HVAC, INC, could help you to reduce costs, instead of wasting money on costly repairs or replacement when your systems performance is not what you expect

Strange noises

As a furnace ages it may start to make unidentified noises. The noises can be popping, banging, metal squealing or rattling noises. You burners may not light or they may turn on and off intermittently. Is it time for a repair or is it time for replacement? Only a trained technician can tell you that.

Burner flame yellow instead of blue

This is a very common problem and could indicate that your burners are not burning the gas cleanly. It could be a simple fix or it could possibly indicate a potentially serious problem. Possibly even carbon monoxide poisoning. Only a trained technician can diagnose the true problem.


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Written by: Sandra Ramirez