5 Reasons you need to replace your furnace

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A furnace is a crucial device for transferring heat throughout any home and building. In the winter months this is a life saver. Not only does it keep you warm at night, but it also filters out allergens and dust.  In order to figure out if your furnaces’ time is up, there are a couple signs to look out to know when it’s finally time to replace your furnace.

Is your furnace too old?

If you’re not sure how many years your furnace has to be to be considered old, it’s safe to say that over 15 years old is a good start. A normal life expediency of a well-kept furnace is considered to be in between 15-30 years old. You don’t have to wait until your furnace reaches past the age of 15. It is safer to monitor the performance of it and start browsing around for a new furnace before it fails completely.

Your electric and gas bills are increasing

When furnaces age, they start to lose their fast and efficient performance. This may cause the sudden rise of your electric bill. Having your furnace maintained regularly by HVAC specialist like Atlas HVAC, Inc could help you reduce cost. Instead of wasting money on repairing your furnace every time it slows down, purchasing a new furnace can actually save you money in the future.

Strange noises

When a furnace gets too old, it starts to make some weird noises. The noises can be popping, banging, squealing or rattling noises. Your furnace can also start making blower noises when it starts to blow out cold air and can have the tendency to turn off and on periodically.

Burner flame yellow instead of blue

Another way to tell if your furnace needs replacement is if the burner flame is lighting up yellow instead of blue. This is a very common sign that your furnace fuel is not burning clean and instead is producing carbon monoxide.

This is a serious problem, since carbon monoxide can spread without a trace. And too much exposure can be deadly.

Dusty and dry air

Does the air in your home feel stale or stuffy? Your allergies maybe suffering due to the dust and other airborne pollutants. This could also contribute to the sore throat, dry nose, and even dry skin problems that you or your household members maybe feeling. All of these are typical signs of an old furnace.

Replacing an old furnace is something that you shouldn’t have to think twice about. It can not only save you money and is worth having for the longevity of your health. Calling on the professionals at Atlas HVAC, Inc can save you from being at risk of health problems from an old furnace and can help you finance your furnace so you don’t break your budget.



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Written by: Sandra Ramirez

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