In a climate like southwest San Diego’s, even cooling and heating San Diego is a necessity for year-round home comfort. But many homes don’t heat and cool evenly, for a variety of reasons: interior rooms may be insulated by exterior ones, windows may contribute solar heat gain, certain rooms may be drafty or experience outside shade, etc. And if you have rooms which experience different patterns of use, or members of the household with different temperature needs, your cooling and heating may be even more complicated.zoning-system

A zoning system can help you address issues like these. By giving you the ability to keep different rooms at different temperatures, it increases the control you have over your home San Diego HVAC system, and allows you to better fit your energy expenditure to your actual home comfort needs.

Is a Zoning System Right for You?

  1. Does your house have more than one floor?
  2. Does your house have underground levels, where the ground’s thermal mass helps regulate local temperature?
  3. Are localized areas in your home hotter or colder at different times of day?
  4. Are certain areas resistant to cooling in summer or heating in winter?
  5. Do some rooms in your house consistently feel stuffy or overwarm?
  6. Are some of the areas in your home infrequently used, not requiring constant cooling or heating?
  7. Do you have members of your household who may have different temperature needs, especially elderly household members or very young children?
  8. Do you have a home office or work from home, or otherwise use one part of your house for extended periods while others go unused?
  9. Does your household enjoy gatherings such as game nights or movie nights when everyone in the house is likely to be in one area for some time?

If you’ve answered “yes” to a few of the above, then a zoning system can not only make you and your household more comfortable, but it may save you money by concentrating energy use where it’s needed.