Probably, the situation when the summer comes is familiar to all of you, and the house or the apartment is filled with hot stuffy air in which something is almost unreal to do or it is even simple to watch TV. The modern person isn’t obliged to submit to weather whims, technical progress left forward long ago.

Man looking at air conditioner in supermarketToday you decide what in your house shall be weather, despite of what climatic conditions outside the window. Everything quite easy and just with the air conditioner – the device for maintenance of optimum air temperature indoors. Now types of climatic systems huge number, also as well as manufacturing companies. To what air conditioner to give the preference to remain a happy choice?

First of all you need to deal with what air conditioner is necessary to you independently:

  • mobile
  • window
  • Split system
  • multi-Split.

It is also important to consider key parameters on which, in principle, and technical characteristics of the device which will be an optimal variant for your house, office, firm, etc. will depend.

Very first that it is necessary to take into account is a room space which needs to be provided with the climatic equipment. It is also important to pay attention to location type – industrial or inhabited. To industrial locations smaller requirements of tangently small sizes of the equipment and comfort of a microclimate are put considerably. Not to stuff itself the head with different information, remember one rule which will always become the excellent assistant in case of an air conditioner choice: necessary power of the climatic equipment will depend on room space in sq.m directly, the ratio equals 1:10. For example, for the room which area makes 50 sq.m. it is necessary to pick up the 5 kW instrument.

It is important to specify that air conditioners can perform not only function of cooling of air, but also on the contrary – heating. Therefore before purchase understand for yourself, you need the air conditioner – with one or two functions. If you need both heating, and cooling, then it is worth paying the attention to the reverse instrument with the special thermal pump. But consider, such models are much more expensive, than air conditioners with the single cooling function. Besides, the climatic equipment needs to be selected, considering in what side there are windows (the North or the South), and also their quantity and the sizes. These indices influence the actual inflow of heat, respectively what power of the air conditioner needs to be selected. For example, if in the room high and wide windows, quitting on North side, then heatinflux is much less, than in the room with the same area, but with windows which quit to the south. It turns out that the power of the climatic equipment in the last room shall be perfectly another. If you live in the apartment on the last floor, consider also that here heat will arrive also from the rooftop.

There are air conditioners which can perform air cleaning function indoors. If you need their such look, then upon purchase pay attention to those models of the climatic equipment at which there are clearing filters. By means of such device you will be able not only to clear location of dust and small-sized parts, but also of unpleasant smells, for example, of tobacco smoke.

After you decided on key parameters and technical characteristics of the climatic device, remember one more rule: at least important role in normal functioning of the air conditioner is played by its installation which is in most cases carried out by the same manufacturing company where purchase was realized. Pay attention to experience of the company, customer reviews, qualification of her workers.