Electronic air cleaners,

often referred to as precipitators, are of two varieties: the ionizing type and the charged media type. The ionizing type of electronic air cleaner ionizes contaminating particles by passing the air thru an electric field of approximately 12,000 volts potential.


The particles are then collected on charged plates which are usually coated with an adhesive to prevent re-entrainment of the particles.

Efficiencies of 85% to 90%, based on the dust spot test, are achieved. The collecting stage operates at approximately 6000 volts. The high voltages are obtained from rectifiers supplied with 110/120 volt single phase electrical service.

Power consumption varies from 12 to 15 watts per 1000 cubic feet per minute, with an additional 40 watts required o energize the rectifier tube heaters. The charged media electronic air cleaner consists of a panel filter with an electrostatically charged dry medium.

It therefore combines the principles of electronic precipitation and dry mechanical filtration. The produced efficiency averages about 60% by the dust spot test method. Approximately 12,000 to 1 3,000 volts are required to charge the dielectric medium.

Power requirements are about 8 watts per 1000 cubic feet per minute. Although the ionizing type of electronic cleaner may be obtained in replaceable cell construction.

Moving collector plates are cleaned and reoiled by the same method as employed with the automatic viscous impingement filter.

Semiautomatic cleaning

is also available, utilizing nozzles for water cleaning and reoiling. The resistance to air flow imposed by an ionizing type electronic cleaner is very small. For this reason the unit may feature screens or perforated plates at the air entering and/or leaving side to promote uniform air flow thru the precipitator.

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