On a fan-coil unit

not equipped with recirculated water sprays, humidifiers may be obtained by means of a city water spray humidifier, a steam pan humidifier, a steam grid humidifier or a humidifying pack. Spray coil and steam grid equipment provides the most effective humidity control.

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A city water spray humidifier consists of a header, spray nozzles and strainer. Either atomizing or nonatomizing sprays are available. The latter type requires a lower water pressure. In either case, the spray density or amount of water circulated per square foot of cooling coil face area is considerably less than that of a recirculated spray coil.

Therefore, although lower in first cost, the city water spray humidifier is less efficient than a recirculated spray coil. An eliminator is not usually required for a city water spray. The use of copper fins on copper tubes with spray humidifiers is suggested when city water has a specific electrical conductance of 500 or more micromhos at 77 F.

Aluminum fins may be used if city water is of the proper quality.

The use of copper fins should be considered where industrial gases such as hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide or carbon dioxide are present and where salty atmospheres prevail. If air flow is not maintained thru a spray section when it is operating, wetting of the unit and leakage may result.

Therefore, a solenoid valve should be installed or other suitable precautions taken to stop the sprays when the unit fan is not running. To maintain a minimum coil air flow when utilizing face and bypass dampers, a minimum closure device should be provided on the face dampers. The spraying of heating coils may result in scaling on the coil and the production of odors. This practice should therefore be avoided.

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