Dry Media filters

consist usually of a permanent frame and a dry replaceable medium of cellulose, asbestos or glass fibers, specially treated paper, cotton batting , wool felt or synthetic material.


The air passages thru the medium are smaller than those of the viscous impingement type filter, and therefore lower air velocities are necessary to avoid excessive resistance . In order to obtain a large surface area relative to cross – sectional area, the medium is usually pleated in accordion form.

Medium efficiency dry filter 

with an area ratio of 7 : 1 Such a filter is capable of a wide efficiency range varying from 84 % to 95 % based on the AFI weight test, depending on the medium used.

High efficiency filters with area ratios of from 25:1 to 50:1.

This type of filter may be obtained with and efficiency as high as 99.97 % , D.O.P. test method. D.O.P. efficiencies above 90 % are usual.

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