In case of origin of questions of a choice between the simple and inverter air conditioner it is necessary to understand for a start what is the inverter air conditioner and by what principle it works.

At the inverter air conditioner compressor power is regulated – reaching the given temperature it isn’t switched off, and begins to work at the reduced power, precisely supporting the given temperature parameters.


Principle of operation of the inverter

The inverter works on the following technology: the alternating current feeding the compressor will be transformed in constant, brought to the necessary parameters of current and tension then again there is a conversion to variable. The inverter device gives an opportunity to the compressor to work permanently, changing power that distinguishes operation of such air conditioner from the principle of operation of the simple window air conditioner when a certain temperature in case of which achievement the air conditioner is switched-off is put. When temperature increases, the air conditioner turns on again.

Such saltuses of temperature influence working capacity and a longevity of the compressor, comfort indoors and load of a network.

The inverter prolongs period of operation of the air conditioner – to 50% from original, also saves the expenditure of the electric power on 30%, compared with former models of air conditioners.

Noise level at the operating inverter air conditioner is much lower, than at normal.

In case of switching on of the inverter air conditioner the necessary power level is automatically selected to cool or heat location. The given temperature is reached twice quicker therefore when you come back home, in any weather, you will return to cozy heat or the renewing cool. At the same time overfalls of capacities are excluded and there is a warranty that the comfortable level of temperature will remain indoors with any number of users.

As it was already mentioned, the inverter reduces power consumption, and the increased productivity of the compressor and heat exchanger, microprocessor control and practical functionality provide optimum energy capacity of technique. The reduced consuming of energy transfers this type of air conditioners to ecologically safe class of technique.

Models of inverter air conditioners

The modern models of inverter air conditioners are even more economic, and power consumption doesn’t depend on air conditioner power. Energy efficiency of the air conditioner (COP, EER) represents the cooling/heating power relation in consuming power, that is the energy efficiency level is higher, the air conditioner productivity is higher. Therefore you can leave the air conditioner switched on when you leave and not to worry at the same time about the score for the expenditure of the electric power. As for maintenance of temperature the air conditioner with the inverter needs 45% less energy, saving of an electricity in a year can make 70%.

Proceeding from the aforesaid, it is possible to sum up the results and to remove the reasons for purchase of inverter model of the air conditioner:

  • temperature is precisely maintained
  • bystry achievement of the given temperature parameters
  • the increased period of operation up to 15 years, compared with normal air conditioners (6-8 years)
  • quietness of operation
  • autorestart
  • self-diagnostics of malfunctions
  • flexible response of system to overfalls of tension on a network
  • use of ecologically safe R410A coolant
  • operation at the negative temperatures (to – 25C)
  • the reduced energy consuming
  • the increased productivity on cooling/heating.

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