Practically all modern equipment can work in automatically mode. Automation of processes is the positive factor for the correct operation of technique, and also very convenient function for users. Home air conditioners work in an automatic mode thanks to the microprocessor to which all sensors are connected. These sensors react to temperature and air humidity, react to pollution of the filter, tension of the power supply network and other external parameters.


The panel by means of which it is possible to select an operation mode and all parameters allows to control the air conditioner.

Everyone separately the taken air conditioner can carry out certain tasks and is the local equipment. If several air conditioners are indoors set, then each of them works independent and together they don’t form system. Air conditioning system the climatic technique is called only in that case when control of its operation is provided with uniform center.

Automation of air conditioning systems and ventilatings of air is widely applied at the industrial enterprises, in big trade and entertainment complexes, sporting clubs, hotels and other similar objects.

Types of automation

Depending on needs of the customer automation of air conditioning systems can be the partial, complex and complete. The partial and complex automation provides an involvement of the person in system management, and full automation works thanks to computer control of all climatic technique.

In case of use of the partial automation in a manual mode it is possible to control operation modes of the climatic equipment and to exercise control of execution of certain tasks. Parameters of operation arrive on the central panel or are removed on screens of independent controllers.

Complex automation is used on more scale objects, all information is transferred to the central panel behind which the operator can track all processes and make changes for system operation optimization.

The modern automation – the principle of its implementation

To create automated air conditioning system, the special project in which all parameters of locations and the characteristic of the available equipment are considered is created, and also the procedure of installation of sensors, controllers and other important details is developed. It is very important to entrust preparation of the project to skilled experts who specialize in preparation of similar documentation.