The application of air conditioning equipment.

is influenced  by the cooling load characteristics of the area to be served and the degree of temperature and humidity control required. A single zone unit most effectively serves an area characterzied by a relatively constant or uniformly varying load. Ideally, this are would be a single large room.

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However, multi–room applications are practical, provided a given variation in load occurs in all rooms simultaneously and in the same proportion. If required, zoning may be accomplished by reheat or air volume control in the branch ducts.

In a multi–room application

where load components vary independently and as a function of time, a multi– zone apparatus provides individual space control with a  single fan unit. For this type of load a multi–zone installation is less expensive than a single zone installation with a multiplicity of duct reheat coils.

Since a multi–zone unit permits outdoor air to bypass the cooling coil at partial loads, its use is particularly adapted to applications with high sensible heat factors and minimum of outdoor air. If humidity control is required with a multi–zone unit, a precooling coil may be installed in the minimum outdoor air duct.

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