The application of air conditioning equipment.

A standard fan-coil unit affords a close temperature control only. A measure of humidity control may be obtained by providing a unit humidifier such as a city water spray package.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

However, if more certain humidity control is required, a spray coil section or spray fan-coil unit is better suited to the application. Spray coil equipment may be utilized for summer cooling and dehumidification, winter humidification and evaporative cooling in intermediate seasons.

Its use is preferred for applications where humidity control is required, such as in industrial processes, hospitals, libraries and museums. Spray coil equipment may also be equipped with a spray water heater to provide simultaneous cooling or heating and humidification.

Standard fan-coil equipment,

both single zone and multi-zone, may be obtained for air deliveries as high as 50,000 cfm. Multiple spray coil sections are available for air quantities exceeding 60,000 cfm. Where the size of available factory-fabricated equipment is exceeded the apparatus must be constructed of individual cooling coils or spray coil sections.

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