You rely on your air conditioner to keep you and your home cool on the warmest days. But, if you’re AC has seen better days, it might have to work harder to keep your interior temperatures enjoyable. The added work also uses more energy than is typically necessary so you could see an increase in your energy costs. The best way to ensure your AC unit works effectively is by scheduling routine maintenance. Here are the signs it’s time for an AC tune-up.

Abnormal Noises Coming from the Unit

As your air conditioning unit ages, you get to know all the usual sounds it makes when running. If you notice any new noises, this is a sign it’s time for a tune-up. Your system is experiencing a malfunction if you hear hissing, whistling, buzzing, or banging. Buzzing is a sign that airflow is obstructed within the pipes. Humming occurs when the unit’s blades can’t move as fast as they should. A motor on its last leg will often hum as a warning. If you notice abnormal noises coming from your AC, you should contact an HVAC specialist like Atlas HVAC, Inc.

A Jump in Your Electric Bill

When an AC unit is not in optimal condition, it has to work harder to keep your home’s interior cool. This low efficiency leads to a higher electric bill because your unit has to use more energy to maintain the correct temperature. A noticeably large jump in your electric bill means it’s time to schedule an inspection and unit tune-up.

AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

An AC unit is not supposed to blow room temperature or warm air like a fan; its main purpose is to cool the air. It is not normal if the air blowing from your AC is not cold. If the air from your AC isn’t cold, it probably needs a tune-up. A tune-up will identify if the air filters are overused and need to be replaced with new ones. It will identify if your system’s coils are dirty or clogged and need cleaning. A technician will check refrigerant levels that limit the unit’s cooling abilities if they are low. The issues can also be because of an electrical problem caused by a trip or faulty fuse.Signs It's Time for an AC Tune-Up

The Unit Smells Bad

A foul smell from your air conditioning unit is an issue that needs immediate attention. An unpleasant smell can be caused by a wet filter, a drain line clog, or a mold colony. The issue can also come from wire insulation that needs to be changed.

Air Blowing with Little Force

Your AC unit aims to provide a room with constant and sufficient air at the correct temperature. If the air conditioner can’t do that, temperatures will fluctuate, negatively affecting your AC’s efficiency. Low-quality airflow is usually caused by issues with the unit’s ducts or filters. Dirty ducts and filters also lead to poor air quality. This sign indicates that it’s time to schedule a tune-up to improve airflow force and air quality.

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