Freon Recharge
Common questions we get comprise:

Why is my cooling system not making my house as cool as it used to?

If the A/C in your house is’t cooling not as bad as it did, maybe it’s that it must be charged, yet the issue could also result from other problems. It’s significant before presuming your air conditioner needs freon to assess various parts. Additionally, make sure you have care is performed by a trustworthy HVAC tech prior to having your system charged, in case there are other issues that must be checked .

How can you understand that the issue is because of freon dearth ?

Condensation causes water to collect on the ground near your furnace.
It looks like forever for the house to cool down.
You see the evaporator coils have a build-up of ice.
Your A/C unit runs considerably longer than ordinary to cool your house.
When your thermostat is set to the “ *” function that means cooling and the system is running, warm or hot air is blown by air ducts.

If you imagine your system needs freon but you’re’t certain that’s the issue, difficulties can be caused by overcharging.

*Entire dislocation of your cooling system
*Sudden frosting or condensation
*Suction side pressure working overly high if the coils become not cool

Generally, as it isn’t a material that’s used up like the oil in your vehicle – freon does’t just run out the demand to recharge is uncommon. It’s likely there’s a flow, should you choose to discover this is the issue. At this time it’s important to have experienced San Diego HVAC professional, who can look for the problem and will be able to fix that.

Do’t suppose ito needs a freon recharge if your air conditioner is’t cooling correctly. You can find many dilemmas that can lead to poor cooling, difficulties that just your heating and cooling contractor can nail. At Atlas HVAC Inc, we try to prevent unneeded repairs and save  you money.

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