San Diego AC Replacement – Could It Be Time?

Most people  do’t until it’s really time to turn it on. When the unit is malfunctioning, or then they find something is totally wrong . Wait until you will need it to find out there’s a difficulty? It’s likely time to replace the body with a newer, better version if you’re a Hayward resident whose air conditioning system is 10 to 15 years old. Below, you can find several hints which will suggest your present system is old enough to be replaced with a new unit.


*Debris and sound that is excessive. Have you ever seen your house is more dusty than normal? While it could be an instant repair could take care of it and that the part is free, have your system checked out.

* Old components that  frequently have leaks in the ductwork, which can lead to a house that’s much more dusty, as dust and other debris that makes its way into the ducts via flows come into your house via the air registers.

*Utility bills are becoming higher. Obviously gas and electricity companies have increases; yet, if your utility bills are becoming apparently higher while your neighbors’ statements are remaining within reason, it could signify your system is’t running economically.

Air conditioning systems

can handle removing humidity in the indoor air, making the it more comfortable and less “tacky.” now Excessive humidity can be damaging to well-being and your house, as it can lead to the development of mould, more, and warping of wood. An excessive amount of humidity inside usually signifies an issue with your cooling system, yet fixing the difficulty in a method that’s old is occasionally squandered cash considering the life that is remaining is probably short.

If you’ve seen any (or all) of the preceding at home, it’s time to call the Atlas air conditioning professionals . Now could be the time to have maintenance performed so you may rest assured your system will work economically all summer long, if you’ve’t found an issue!

If you are interested in getting a new AC \ HVAC installation or repair – just give Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning Inc a call today at (877) 452-8527, so that we can get the process started for you.