Replacing Only An Air-Conditioning System Outside Unit.

Naturally, you need to save just as much cash as possible while replacing one (or a few) parts will really set you back more in the long run.

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As San Diego HVAC professionals that are trusted, we understand that most homeowners do’t recognize that old air conditioning systems not akways work properly with special parts that suppose to be compatible. Basically, the newer parts designed now aren’t designed to work nicely with parts that are old. “Mixing up” the parts of your cooling system can lead to problems, but also not only reduced energy efficiency with appropriate functioning of the body.

The need for compatibility

Thus, you believe you need to replace the worn out unit that is outside. Is this a terrible thought?

Older parts are not designed to reach the energy efficiency that was high now’s parts are effective at reaching
When you join more efficient coils are used by old coils with now, it can lead to a rise in energy consumption and also worse – motor failure
The layout of today’s coils make them incompatible with coils that are older
There are several significant problems which will arise by combining a fresh outdoor unit with older A/C parts, including significantly decreased operational efficiency, cooling capability that is minimized, and a drastically increased danger the compressor will break down in a brief time period – typically within annually.

Before you decide to replace the outside unit of your AC system instead of replacing the whole system, talk to a trustworthy and reputable San Diego HVAC contractor who’s exceptionally experienced regarding the negative impact this could have on system functionality and efficacy.

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