In the summer your air-conditioning system is working really hard to keep your house comfortable and cool. The number one energy user in your home is your air-conditioning system. The energy costs for running your AC make up nearly half of your electricity bill. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can lower your bill and usage by maintaining your AC system during the summer.

Chances are your bill is higher than average due to you running the AC longer and at cooler temperatures. It is highly recommended that you get your AC service twice a year so that it is ready for extreme temperatures.

We start any routine service checkup in the attic. A service tech will begin looking at amp draws on the blower motors, along with capacitors, evaporator coils, and drain lines. In the attic, you have the duct runs, return sides and drain lines, and the secondary pan that holds water from condensation.

These are the things you got to watch out for in the summer because your drain lines can get clogged up, and you will find water inside. One thing we will recommend on your drain line if you have a flush out T is to pour bleach down it just to help prevent the drain from getting backed up. If you don’t know where the flush out T is or what it looks like, we recommend getting a certified technician to help you.

It’s essential to change your AC filter because the system will run harder if the filters are dirty. This will cause air restriction in the system, meaning your blower motor will be running higher amps, and your outside unit will be running higher amps.

This is one way to avoid costly breakdowns and problems during the heat of the summer. It will also ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible, thus keeping your energy costs down.

Your outside unit should also be maintained. Outside you have a lot of dirt, dust, and dirt in the air, and all that stuff gets collected in your condenser coil, which causes your system to run harder if it’s dirty. Something that the homeowner could do to help maintain that system is washing it down with water hose. This will help your outside system run smoother. Be sure to turn off the power to the system before rinsing it off. Also, make sure there isn’t anything blocking or crowding the unit.

The more clearance the system has, the better it is. The system pulls air through the coils, so the more space it has, the better. We recommend that if you’re cutting the yard or anything like that, turn off the system.

By correctly maintaining your AC system during the summer, you give your home a significant advantage when extreme temperatures come around! Having a professional tune-up of your unit is also a great way to ensure your system will be working efficiently throughout the heat of the summer. Read through our blog for more tips on lowering your energy costs, and for all heating and air services, give us a call or fill out a Contact Us form.