Unit heating coils for fan-coil equipment

are available in a variety of depth and fin spacing combinations and in both the nonfreeze steam and U-bend types.

The latter type may be used with hot water or steam and may be obtained in different combinations of tube face and fin spacing to produce different rises with the same entering air temperature, face velocity, and steam pressure or hot water temperature. Heating coils are also usually capable of being mounted before or after the cooling coil.

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During the intermediate season, any zone served by a multi-zone unit should be able to obtain heating or cooling on demand. Since there is no common supply air duct in which air mixing can occur on a multi-zone installation, the problem of air temperature stratification is of considerable importance.

Stratification across the unit heating coil

may cause some zones to be denied heat when it is needed. The throttling of a steam control valve may produce stratification if the steam condenses fully before reaching the end of the tube or circuit. Therefore, it is suggested that full steam pressure he applied to a multi-zone unit heating coil whenever heating may be required by any zone. In order to provide an air path of approximately equal pressure drop thin either of the two widely differing beat transfer surfaces in a multi-zone fan-coil unit, perforated balancing plates are often used. It may be necessary for the engineer to select such a device, particularly if no heating coil is required.

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