Yes! There are a couple of quick and easy fixes for this:

  • In the toilet tank, there’s a little ball that rests on top of the water. This is called the float and determines how high the toilet fills. What happens is that sometimes the ball will have a crack in it, and water will seep inside the ball. If this happens, the ball won’t sit above the water, so the toilet will overfill, and water will leak into the overflow tube. This will cause an endless cycle of water flowing in and out and can wreak havoc on your water bill.
  • If the floating ball doesn’t appear to be the problem, check the chain attached to the handle. If it’s too long, it may get stuck under the flap, letting water through. If the chain’s too short, the flap won’t be able to full close and seal. Depending on the issue, you can shorten the chain or replace it with a new one.
  • If it’s neither the chain nor the float, you may have a leaky flapper valve. It’s located at the bottom of the tank and can easily be replaced with a new one.