It isn’t always easy to tell whether your toilet needs a quick fix or if you need to install an entirely new one. With older toilets, though, there can be recurring issues. However, are these problems detrimental enough to the point where you’ll have to buy a new toilet? Our Atlas Cooling & Heating team came up with a quick guide for you to look at if you’re thinking about whether to repair or replace your toilet.

Replace Your Toilet When It’s:

Repeated Repairs

If you have already done multiple repairs to your toilet, it’s probably a smart idea to think about replacing it. Constantly spending more money on a toilet that needs repeated fixes isn’t worth your time or cash. Replacing your toilet when it gets past the point of being fixed will not only be better for your plumbing system but also for your wallet. Our Atlas Cooling & Heating team can help assist with any installation or repair.

Loose or Wobbles

If your toilet seems unstable, it might be a sign that there is or will be a severe leak. However, first, try to tighten the seal bolts. After that, replace the wax seal base around the toilet. If those quick fixes don’t help, then it is time to replace your old toilet.


If there is even a tiny crack on a toilet, that can be a serious warning sign and issue. Cracks continue to get more prominent, which can cause problems for your entire bathroom floor as well as the ceiling and room below you. This type of accident can create severe water damage and flooding in these areas. If you see a crack in your toilet, you’ll need to install a new one.

Always Clogged

If this issue persists longer than a typical “clogged toilet,” our team can try to clean your drains. This type of clogging could mean that your water has hardened, creating mineral sediment resulting in blockage at the top of your toilet drain. If the toilet is unable to work, then it’s time to get a new one.

Won’t Flush

If you aren’t able to flush your toilet anymore, it’s most likely a lost cause. Our technicians can attempt pushing or constant running on it. However, if those techniques don’t work, then there isn’t much that you can do besides getting a new one.

Repair Your Toilet When It’s:

Not Flushing Properly

It can be pretty frustrating when your toilet decides not to flush correctly. However, this usually isn’t a cause for concern. Our Atlas Cooling & Heating team can assist with any repairs, or you can try lifting and shortening the chain that attaches to the flapper and tightening the toilet handle for a quick and easy solution.

Low Water Levels

Having a low water level is a simple fix and usually indicates that your toilet bowl isn’t refilling with water after the toilet has been flushed. However, if you have low water levels and puddles on the floor around your toilet, this could potentially be a significant leak. Luckily, our Atlas Cooling & Heating team can quickly assist with a simple valve replacement or toilet leaks and repairs as well.

Clogged Once or Twice

Usually, if your toilet is clogged, you can use a plunger and get the job done quickly. However, if you have a larger issue than just a regular clogged toilet, then our team at Atlas Cooling & Heating can assist with any toilet maintenance and repairs.

Running Constantly

If your toilet keeps on repeatedly running after you’ve flushed it, it can be pretty annoying and worrying. However, you usually need to replace the flapper valve or fill valve, which our team can easily install for you. We can also check to make sure that there isn’t mineral sediment build-up in your pipes.

Bad Smell

If your toilet is starting to smell, it might need a good cleaning and scrubbing. However, if it still smells after that, you might have a partial drain clog or a damaged seal. Whatever the verdict is, our Atlas Cooling & Heating team can help out with any toilet or plumbing needs.

Help With Repairs & Replacements

Our Atlas Cooling & Heating team can repair and replace your toilet along with other appliances and fixtures in your home. If you’re unsure about whether you need to do a quick fix on your toilet or completely switch it out for a new one, our team can assist you with all of your questions, concerns, and needs. Call or go online today to get a free quote and speak to one of our team members at (877) 452-8527 or!

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