Don’t forget to check your Yearly HVAC System Maintenance Checklist before turning on the heat this winter.

Yes, it can and does get cold in Southern California. San Diego may not have the worst winters, but you still want to be comfortable in your home when the temperatures drop down. We are lucky that we do not live in the northern part of the United States, so we do not have to run the heating system six months a year. As the winter months approach you would still want to make sure that it’s running efficiently and in top-notch condition. Think about having your heating system serviced before the weather turns chilly. Based on our years of experience in San Diego area we have put together a checklist the homeowners may refer to before turning on the heat this year.


Most furnace maintenance should be conducted by a licensed professional once a year (before heating season), but homeowners should change the air filter monthly to keep allergens and pathogens away. Also, check for gas leaks, inspect the flue system and fan belt for cracks or fraying, monitor gas pressure, and check the pilot light for discoloration.

Condensing unit:

Homeowners can use a garden hose to spray any dust and dirt off of the coil. Avoid using high water pressure, as the fins can be easily bent.

Heat exchanger:

Homeowners should inspect for cracks and deterioration. If you find anything out of sorts, call a professional immediately.

Evaporator coil:

Clean coil with a small broom-like brush to ensure the heat is absorbed from air passing over it. If homeowners don’t feeling comfortable doing this, call a professional.

Outdoor refrigerant tubes:

Inspect for proper refrigerant level and adjust if necessary.


Airborne particles can build up around the thermostat’s internals. Remove the cover and disconnect the unit from power. Use a soft brush or can of compressed air to gently clean the interior components, and move parts to ensure you don’t miss anything. After a thorough cleaning, check for loose or corroded wires and terminal screws.


Consider enlarging or adding vents if your home feels too stuffy or over-humidified.

Heat pump:

Clean or change air filters once a month or as needed, and monitor for the correct refrigerant charge. Clean outdoor coils and the supply and return registers whenever they appear dirty, and remove naturally.

Atlas HVAC, Inc. can repair or replace your heating system or give it a good tune-up before the cooler temperatures arrive. Give us a call at (877) 452-8527. Keep in mind we offer affordable financing for those who qualify.